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How is a kids dentist different from a general dentist

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Most parents will consider taking their kids to a pediatrician for general health issues that will require care from specialists as the quality of care and even the pharmacological dosages will differ from those prescribed to adults. When it comes to dental care for kids pedodontics is a specialty that caters to all the dental services for kids. Kids dentists play an important role in treating young kids. Pedodontists are also trained in preventive dentistry apart from pediatric dentistry to help kids prevent any serious dental issues which might affect the permanent teeth or might lead to gum disease when they can be nipped off the bud at an early age itself.

What is the ideal age group that pediatric dentists cater to?


Pediatric dentists treat dental issues with respect to toddlers, kids, and teenagers. Many teenagers undergo orthodontic treatment which is done by an orthodontist when malocclusion is detected by a pedodontist. Many special kids who are physically or mentally challenged have special oral health care needs. An exclusive kids dental setup is usually child-friendly with a play area and equipment which makes special kids feel comfortable due to the ambiance. Many special kids will some times need dental treatment under general anesthesia which will be done in a hospital with an ICU, operation theater and an emergency facility instead of being carried out in pediatric dental clinics.

Pediatric dentists handle kids with baby teeth from six months of age up to the age of 16, who need orthodontic treatment by an orthodontist for healthy smiles.

How is pediatric dental treatment beneficial to young kids?


As per the old saying “prevention is better than cure” the main focus of many pediatric dentists lies in preventive dentistry. The child’s parents are also given oral health education so that they can help their kids prevent the onset of serious dental problems in the future. This involves the right brushing techniques and treatments using fluoride varnish.

They are also involved in continuous research programs which gives them a birds-eye view of the existing epidemics such as early childhood caries also called as ECC by practitioners, which can be prevented in many children with proper and early dental care.

Many pediatric dentists also create fun and engaging content which kids understand easily with respect to dental and oral care such as brochures and comic books.

Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist Over a General Dentist for your child?


All general dentists in India are have a subject called pedodontics during their undergraduate program i.e B.D.S which is one of the eight subjects in clinical dentistry. This gives them a very superficial knowledge about the subject and the total number of cases handled by them are also very less.

Pediatric dentists also called pedodontists undergo intensive training during their master’s program in M.D.S for three more years after undergraduate. They gain deep theoretical knowledge by getting involved in academics and research. Their practical knowledge is refined as they treat children during their master’s program in pedodontics. They are also get involved in many school camps and camps for the underprivileged children and treat a huge number of cases while pursuing the same giving them extensive exposure in clinical with respect to pediatric dental care.

Growing smiles pediatric dentists in Bangalore Whitefield

Growing Smiles Pediatric dentistry in Whitefield Bangalore focuses on your child’s teeth and the aim is to provide the best pediatric dental & care to your little ones. Our mission lie is to cater to parents who prefer specialist pediatric dentists & orthodontist in Bangalore for their kids. Our pedodontists are experienced when it comes to treating children with respect to their dental issues.

Growing smiles Bengaluru – Core values


Growing smiles pediatric dentistry an exclusive pediatric dental care center located in Whitefield, Bangalore where we aim at revolutionizing the way kids experience dentistry. Our pediatric dental facility is rooted in providing state of the art pedodontic care with minimal anxiety. Ensuring the proper care for your kids oral & dental health is our top priority. Our treatment protocols also involve preventive dentistry that will reduce the onset of serious dental health problems such as early childhood caries and cavities.

Pediatric dental care also involves treating teenagers who are geared towards adolescence. Pediatric dentists also have a deep understanding of preventive orthodontics and use many appliances such as space maintainers and habit breakers to prevent any predicted malocclusions. Growing kids have mixed dentition with milk teeth also called as primary teeth and permanent teeth that are scheduled to erupt depending on their chronology. The milk teeth might shed earlier sometimes and may require space maintainers to reserve space for the permanent teeth. The AAPD (the American Academy of pediatric dentistry) recommends taking your child for his/her first dental checkup after their first birthday).

Just like how parents visit certain specialists for their health care needs such as gynecologists and dermatologists. It is highly beneficial when they take their kids to a general pediatrician for their health care needs and to a specialist pediatric dentist for their dental care needs & a pediatric orthodontist to correct any malocclusion with early childhood braces.

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