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Growing Smiles is at the forefront of a dental revolution. We are leading the charge into a future of pure smiles, and happy hearts. We take pride in delivering only the best in class dental services and facilities for your family.

Our Vision

A future where every family has access to quality personalized dental care that is suited to their unique needs. 

Our Mission

To create healthier communities by delivering the best in class care.

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Professionals in our Clinic

At Growing Smiles, we are a multi-specialty practice that delivers our clients the luxury of having many specialist under one roof. Within Growing Smiles you will find that we are equipped with an orthodontist, periodontist, endodontist and oral surgeon all under one roof. By the end of the day we want your family to benefit from continuous care so that you can ensure the quality of your teeth for many years to come.

Remarkable results from doctors with 10+ Years Experience


We don't take shortcuts. We make sure you are treated with the proper care and that it is done correctly.


All procedures are done under one roof, we rarely refer out as we can handle most cases.

Family Oriented

Each patient is a part of our family and is treated as so. We want you to feel comfortable at every visit.

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