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Pediatric dentist in Bangalore, kids dentist in Whitefield at Growing Smiles. State of the art dental clinic for your child in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Best Pediatric dentist near me.

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Walk into our pediatric dental practice in Whitefield with your child  for a free oral & dental health assessment!

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about pediatric dentistry

Dental care for children is an integral part of ones childhood. The American Academy of pediatric dentistry advises a dental visit to a pediatric dentist before the child turns two. This is the time a baby’s teeth first appear. 

At Growing smiles, we examine dental health and then provide preventive dental procedures for kids. Procedures such as fluoride treatments and dental crowns that prevent caries and decay thus ensuring healthy permanent teeth.

Pediatric dentists train for three years in specialist dental schools that teach behavior management as well as child phycology. These critical skills make kids feel comfortable in a dental environment.

Our dental practice is friendly and ensures we treat your child with best in class care.


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The anatomy of your child’s teeth varies from that of an adult. Our instruments are designed to provide the most gentle dental care especially for complex procedures such as a root canal. Our Pedodontist diagnose detrimental habits such as thumb sucking that could be detrimental to your Childs oral health. Such habits lead to misalignment of erupting teeth as well as gum diseases which could be prevented at an early stage. Our dental exams diagnose pediatric orthodontic treatments using state of the art technology.

A dental visit for a child is never fun. Our care centre is engaging and educational and we ensure that kids no longer feel that a dental visit is something to dread or worry. We are fully equipped to cater to your child’s comprehensive dental health care needs as well as overall well being.

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Pedodontists for kids in Bangalore whitefield




Our state of the art pediatric dental facility located in Whitefield caters to all the dental care needs for your child
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pediatric orthodontics in Bangalore at growing smiles dental

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Orthodontics braces for kids


Early childhood braces and orthodontic treatment go a long way in correcting ane preventing malocclusions (mis alignments) with respect to your child's teeth!
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Special kids dentistry in Bangalore

dentistry for special kids

Extra gentle dental care for a special child


Special slots with less waiting time as special kids are very special to our pedodontists. Our kids dentist will have a different and customised approach for them!
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Dr Neeraja Raju, Pediatric dentist in Whitefield Bangalore

Dr. Neeraja Raju is a Pediatric dentist with an experience of 26 years in her field of work. Dr Neeraja Also consults at Little pearls dental care. She completed her M.D.S in paediatric dentistry form the Oxford dental college and hospital located in Bangalore.


Dr. Jananni is a Pediatric dentist waith an experience of 4 years in her field of work. She completed her M.D.S in paediatric dentistry for the R.V dental college and hospital located in Bangalore.

Dr. Debaarchana Jena ia a Pediatric dentist with an experience of 5 years in her field of work. She completed her M.D.S in Paediatric dentistry from the CORDS dental college located in Karnataka.

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