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Meet Our Dental Care Experts Team in Whitefield

Get a precise dental diagnosis and treatment for lasting smiles near you.

Dr Sushil Kumar

Clinical Head and Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Janani Rangaswamy

Resident Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Vivek Aithal

Orthodontist & Invisalign Specialist

Dr. Sainath Adsare

Root Canal Specialist

Customers Say about Growing Smile Dentists Near Whitefield

Eldose Johny
Eldose Johny
Best dental clinic experience ever at Growing smiles dental clinic! The entire team radiates warmth, making every visit a positive one. Dr.Sushil is not only highly skilled but also genuinely cares about patient well-being. From the welcoming atmosphere to advanced treatments, it's clear why growing smiles stands out as the best in dental care. Highly recommended for top-notch service and a healthy smile!
Vimaladharshini Shanmugam
Vimaladharshini Shanmugam
We are visting Dr. Sushil kumar for my kids dental checkup over past two years and continuing still.He interacts very well with kid and make the treatment easy. He gave best suggestions for the prevention of the caries.we are happy to say that he is the best dentist in our area.
Veeresh Chetti
Veeresh Chetti
I am incredibly grateful for the exceptional care my daughter received at Growing Smiles. The environment is warm and child-friendly, with a focus on creating a positive dental experience. Dr. Sushil demonstrated great expertise and patience, explaining the treatment process thoroughly. My daughter's recovery was smooth, and I highly recommend Growing smiles (Dr Sushil)for anyone seeking compassionate and top-notch pediatric dental care.
shilpa paramadhevanahalli
shilpa paramadhevanahalli
I had been visiting Growing Smiles for my son to get his filling done Dr.Sushil has explained clearly about the issue and he made my son feel comfortable. The hospital is kid friendly.
Rounak Kumar
Rounak Kumar
Doctor is very patient to know the problem in detail so that the root cause can be detected and treated accordingly. Highly recommended.
Aaisha Shamim
Aaisha Shamim
The doctor is very knowledgeable. I visited for Dental Crown. I am happy with the consultation and the treatment. Charges are also quite reasonable.
AKHIL Lakavath
AKHIL Lakavath
I was really blessed to find this Dental Clinic in whitefield. The way Dr Susheel explained my dental issues and gave him a wonderful treatment, was amazing. Entire team was very helpful throughout the treatment.


What services are provided by dental clinics in Whitefield?
Dental clinics in Whitefield provide a variety of services, including routine check-ups, cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, dental implants, orthodontic treatments, and cosmetic operations like teeth whitening and veneers.
How can I select the best dental clinic in Whitefield, Bangalore?
To select the finest dental clinic, examine the dentists’ qualifications and expertise, the range of services provided, the cleanliness and modernity of the facilities, patient evaluations and testimonials, and the clinic’s commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction.
What distinguishes the top dentists in Whitefield, Bangalore?
The finest dentists in Whitefield often have advanced training, years of experience, a compassionate and patient-centered approach to care, strong communication skills, and a dedication to remaining current on the latest dental technologies and techniques.
Are there any dental hospitals in Whitefield?
Yes, there are dental facilities in Whitefield that provide full dental care, including specialised services like as oral surgery, periodontal treatments, and complex dental condition management.
Do dental clinics in Whitefield provide denture services?
Yes, many dental clinics in Whitefield provide denture services, including as fittings, repairs, and adjustments, to assist patients regain their smiles and enhance their chewing performance.
What is the procedure for dental surgery in Whitefield?
The procedure for dental surgery in Whitefield usually begins with a consultation appointment, during which the dentist will assess your oral health and explain treatment choices. Depending on the type of surgery required, it may be conducted under local or general anaesthesia in a sterile surgical setting.
Where can I discover affordable dental offices in Whitefield?
To locate affordable dental practices in Whitefield, seek for clinics that accept insurance, have flexible payment options, or give discounts for cash purchases. You can also ask whether they have any special discounts or promotions for new patients.
What are the advantages of going to the dentist on a regular basis in Whitefield?
Regular dentist appointments in Whitefield are critical for maintaining good oral health, preventing dental problems like cavities and gum disease, recognising issues early on when they are simpler to treat, and keeping your smile looking its best. Routine check-ups also allow your dentist to provide personalised oral hygiene recommendations and treat any dental health concerns you may have.

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Root Canal Treatment

End your toothache and safeguard your smile with our Root Canal Treatment. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, we remove discomfort and restore tooth health, ensuring a seamless and comforting experience.

Invisalign, Clear Aligners

Straighten your teeth with style. Our Invisalign and Clear Aligners offer a modern twist to braces, providing a barely-there look while creating your perfect smile, tailored to your unique needs.

Implants and Denture

Revitalize your oral health with our Implants and Dentures. From precision implants to comfortable dentures, we offer durable and natural-looking solutions tailored for your complete dental restoration.

Dental Crown Treatment

Transform your smile with our Dental Crown Treatment! Achieve a perfect, natural-looking restoration for damaged teeth. Book your appointment today for a confident and radiant smile.

Dental Decay and Cavity

Say goodbye to dental decay! Protect your smile with our cavity-fighting solutions. Affordable and effective dental care for a brighter, healthier you. Click now for a cavity-free future!

Teeth Whitening

Illuminate your smile with our professional Teeth Whitening service. Our advanced treatment removes deep stains and unveils a brighter, more radiant smile with lasting results.

Dental Gums Treatment

Protect the foundation of your smile with our comprehensive Dental Gums Treatment. We target gum disease at its root, offering treatments that heal, rejuvenate, and maintain healthy gums for a stronger smile.
Tooth Braces

Teeth Alignment Treatment

Straighten your smile with our advanced tooth brace treatment. Achieve a confident, perfectly aligned grin in no time. Book your consultation today for a brighter, straighter future!

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