DABBLE - Toxin free Playart at Growing Smiles Whitefield On 16th November 2019

Dabble Playart Workshop is designed for early childhood to inspire creative expression through toxin free colours. The workshop celebrates the experience of discovery through self directed play in colours, textures, shapes and lines using Dabble toxin free products specially designed for early childhood. This parent-child workshop is led by Expressive Arts therapists and is full of fun and colour. There’s no ‘colouring between the lines’, just free play in colours and pure bonding over play!

“Free play is healthy play”

Neha & Karen Founders, Expressive Arts Therapists, Moms

Neha & Karen – Founders, Expressive Arts Therapists, Moms

Kids are natural. Their products must be too!

There are no artificiality with kids. They do what comes naturally to them. The products they use should be natural, both how they are made as well as how they are used. At Dabble we have clear rules of what stays in our products, what stays out and how they are designed.

First, what goes out

We have declared a no-entry to the usual toxic suspects found in child products - harmful preservatives like parabens, phthalates; sulphates (SLS / SLeS Free) Paraffin , Mineral Oil, Diethanolamine (DEA), Petroleum, Formaldehyde, Propylene and Silicon. Yes, all of those have no place in our products. And they should have no place in any products for kids.

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What definitely goes in

We have put many months of trial and error, picking and choosing ingredients from nature - coconuts, soy, vitamin oils, vegetable butters, food-friendly colours, child-safe waxes. Every ingredient is ticked ‘Just Right for Kids’.

Safe crayons, paints & clay

All our products have to be comfortable for kids. They are tested from right from ingredients to finish. They are stability tested, microbial tested and tested for toxins at a globally accredited laboratory.

“And most importantly they are ready to be tested by Mommies. ”

Let imagination soar.
Let the play begin.
Let nature prevail.
Let oranges, reds, greens, yellows, blues fill our childrens days.
Let them make triangles from circles and spaceships from squiggles.
Let our children dream with their eyes open.
And express all of it. Let us let our kids be the best of who they are.
That’s our biggest wish at DabbleAnd we made it our Mission.

Sneak Peek Gallery


At Dabble, workshops are a space where PLAY meets ART

Parents & Children witness letting go and allowing  the process of creation. Children enjoy just being in the moment and expressing themselves. The focus is on the process of Dabbling with art while the product is just an outcome of exploration. As kids explore with colours, their fine motor skills improve. By counting pieces and colors, they learn the basics of math. When children experiment with materials, they dabble in science. Most important perhaps, when kids feel good while they are creating, art helps boost self-confidence. And children who feel able to experiment and make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking. 

Workshop Approach:

Playart with Music/Movement
Movement is a natural expression of the body in early childhood. When art, music and Movement are combined – free expression of mind, body and spirit.

Playart with Media
Exploring textures, forms and understanding how different mediums respond to each other.

Playart & Masti
Fun explorations on large paper at different levels and colour discovery experiences.

It’s like holi everyday!

Dabble Team

Karen is a Corporate Trainer by profession and a trained Expressive Arts therapist by passion. She brings her business insights and life experience together to her first love of creating happiness for children. Her training in Waldorf education has helped bring concepts of early learning to Dabble’s product design table. She has a degree in marketing management and a Women’s Entrepreneurship certification from IIM, Bangalore. She is also Certified Professional Coach (CPC) from Leadership that works, USA. She has worked with leading corporates like ICICI Prudential with core experience in sales training and also has her own training company. If you find her humming at work or driving, don’t be surprised, it’s just her love for music and her choir group.

“It’s not enough to do things right. It’s got to be PERFECT.”

Neha is a passionate, perfectionist who started off her career as a photographer. With publications in – Travel & Leisure, Times Journal of Photography, Better Homes & Gardens & Food Lovers Magazine, she is widely recognized for her work in Food & Architecture Photography. Wonder struck about the workings of the mind, she pursued her studies in Psychology to become a trained art therapist. She uses art as a medium to communicate with children and decipher their inner emotions. With her deep-dive into Dabble she hopes to enable children discover true, artistic, expression. 

He is an engineer from IIT and heads a design firm that trains students to take entrance tests for design colleges. He has an encompassing global viewpoint and is helping Dabble with an understanding of technology. His engineering and design thinking is not just restricted to work, he is passionate about Lego and his free time is all about creating a world full of warships, motor cars, football stadia, dinosaurs and spaceships. 

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